Where To Find Integration Services Packages in SQL Server

by Allan Mitchell 27 Aug 2007 14:00

We see this coming up quite a bit on newsgroups and even have people eMailing about it so we though we would put up an article explaining where to find packages when saved to SQL Server.

If you want to view them visually in SQL Server Management Studio then you will need to connect to the Integration Services Service for the Server on which you have stored the packages.

Below is an example of us connecting to the service by first opening up Object Explorer and then connecting to the Service by choosing it from the dropdown menu and then using Integrated security (no choice here) to login to that server.

  • Open Object Explorer
  • Choose Integration Services Service
  • Logon to the service
  • Look at your packages

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12/25/2008 3:19:55 PM #

Jeffrey Davis

Thank you! I have been looking for this information all over the place. Everyone else just said "connect to integration services," but no one would explain how.

Jeffrey Davis

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