New SSIS tool on Codeplex – SSIS Log Analyzer

by Darren Green 10 Jul 2009 12:19

I stumbled across a new SSIS tool on Codeplex today, the SSIS Log Analyzer which was only released a few days ago. Whilst it is a beta release and currently only supports 2005 (2008 is promised) it looks quite interesting. It seems to be a fancy log viewer, but with some clever features and a nice looking front-end. I’ve only read the documentation so far, but it has graphs and a debug view that shows your package with the colour animations similar to when debugging in BIDS, and everyone knows, the way the pretty colours and numbers change is the best bit!

I’ll quote some of the features for you here and then let you make your own mind up, is it useful in the real world?

  • Option to analyze the logs manually by applying row and column filters over the log data or by using queries to specify more complex criterions.
  • Automated Performance Analysis which provides a quick graphical look on which tasks spent most time during package execution.
  • Rerun (debug) the entire sequence of events which happened during package execution showing the flow of control in graphical form, changes in runtime values for each task like execution duration etc.
  • Support for Auto Analyzers to automatically find out issues and provide suggestions for problems which can be figured out with the help of SSIS logs and/or package.
  • Option to analyze just log file or log and package together.
  • Provides a lightweight environment to have a quick look at the package. Opening it in BIDS takes some time as being an authoring environment it does all sorts of validations resulting in some delay.

See  for more details.

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5/24/2012 8:10:51 PM #

Robert laster

The posting by Darren Green appears to be a plug by the developer, and not really someone who "stumbled across" a new SSIS tool.

Robert laster United States

6/5/2012 3:22:11 PM #

Daren Green

Robert, An interesting opinion, but I'm not the developer of the tool in question. My CodePlex profile lists the projects I am a coordinator/developer on and that isn't one of them.

Daren Green United Kingdom

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