Import SSIS Project in Denali CTP1

by Allan Mitchell 11 Nov 2010 22:31

For years Analysis Services has had the ability to take an existing database from a server and reverse engineer it into a BIDS project.  This is extremely useful when all you have is the running instance of the database and the project that created it has long since disappeared.  Reverse engineering has never been a feature of SSIS until now.

Let me walk you through the simple steps.

The first step is that you obviously have to have a project deployed to an SSIS Catalog.  I will do a video on this soon but in case you can’t wait then my good buddy Jamie Thomson has written it up here


As you can see I have a project called imaginatively “Denali1” with one package “Package.dtsx

The next thing we need to do is fire up BIDS and choose the right project type (Integration Services Import Project)


Now we just follow the wizard.  We make sure we specify on which server to find the Catalog and in which folder to look for the project.


Next the setting are validated and we are greeted with the familiar review screen before the creation of our new project from the deployed project happens


Hit Import and away we go


The result is just what we wanted.


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