Hosting woes

by Darren Green 21 Apr 2010 18:39

Unfortunately quite a few people have noticed our recent hosting problems, but if you are reading this they should all be over, so please accept our apologies.

Our former web host decided migrate to a new platform, it had all sorts or great features, but on reflection hosting wasn’t one of them. We knew it was coming, and had even been proactive and requested several dates on their migration control panel so I could be around to check it afterwards. The dates came and went without anything happening, so we sat back and carried on on for a couple of months thinking they’d get back to us when they were ready.

Then out of the blue I get an email saying it has happened! Now this is what I call timing, I had client work to complete, a 50 minute presentation to write and there was a little conference called SQLBits that I help organise at the end of the week, and then our hosting provider decides to migrate our sites.

Unfortunately they only migrated parts of the sites, they forgot things like the database for SQLDTS. The database eventually appeared, but the data didn’t. Then the data pitched up but without the stored procedures. I was even asked if I could perform a backup and send it to them, as they were getting timeout errors. Never mind the issues of performing a native backup on a hosted server, whilst I could have done something, the question actually left me speechless. So you cannot access your own SQL server and you expect me to be able to help?

This site was there, but hadn’t been set as an IIS application so all path references were wrong which meant no CSS and all the internal navigation and links were wrong. The new improved hosting platform Control Panel didn't appear to like setting applications. It said it would, you’d have to wait 2 hours of course, then just decided not to bother after all.

So needless to say after a very successful SQLBits I focused my attention on finding a new web host, and here we are again. Sorry it took so long.

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